Issue with YouTube extension by Ben

I am having an issue with @ben’s YouTube extension and dynamic bindings. (sorry Ben)
This is frustrating as I have never had issues with it before (albeit limited use to date)

To demo this is have a very simple page which takes dynamic data, echo’s it to screen for confirmation then links a YouTube video

Firstly i call a server action which returns a single record

I can see the url i need, field “external_link” and title which are valid

I bind those SC values to the the youtube component via dynamic attributes

I run the page, (echoing the SC values to the screen for confirmation) and no video is displayed and I see an error in the dev console

If i hardcode the video link everything works

Although i see the dev console error remains


Anyone any ideas?

V5.8.2 and V6 beta 8, node

Looking like this is a timing issue

I added a variable to the page and set its value to 0


and placed the YouTube component inside a conditional region so it is not initialised by default in the DOM if variable is not 1

Then i toggle the variable to enable the component on server connect success

All seems to work ok

i can confirm the issue as changing the variable to an initial value of 1 breaks the page, presumably as the component is initialised before the SC completes

Hello, do you have any update on this issue?
I’ trying to implement and got the same error on dynamic binding

Not aware if any update, perhaps @ben knows. As AC2 , is so fast now, i suspect we will see many more timing issues surface.
But the temporary fix above still seems to work

Thank you @Hyperbytes the temporary fix, works for me, but only if I don’t use dynamic Title.
I hope @ben can help us.

Sorry Guys, I am flat out (no :bed:) at the moment with a couple of clients that want everything done by yesterday. Will look at the problem during my next lull. :smoking: :beers: