Issue with show/hide

I have a cell in a table is set to show a field if the value of the field is ‘Y’

I have set up the field as such
<i class="fa fa-check fa-10x" dmx-show="(_['2stepcode_verify'] == 'Y')" style="color:green" dmx-bs-popover="'They have successfully entered in a 2-step verification code to validate their contact information'" data-trigger="hover" data-placement="top">Verified {{clients_ID}}</i>

however, when i pull the page data up, its showing when a value is set to N for some reason on some of the fields. NOt all of them, but just some that its not suppose to (see screenshot example)

I have checked my coding and the repeat value. All seem to be correct, but i can’t figure out why its displaying this. Any thoughts?

The condition looks strange.
dmx-show=“2stepcode_verify== ‘Y’)”

Variables and ids should never start with number. Try changing that

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so, strange…i updated the code and put it as
dmx-show="('2stepcode_verify'== 'Y')" and then none of the data shows up

the only code that allows the data to display is the original that i have above
dmx-show="(_['2stepcode_verify'] == 'Y')"

Take the single quotes off from around the 2stepcode_verify bit - it should refer to the value not be quoted as a string

if i just have the code as
dmx-show="(2stepcode_verify == 'Y')"

none of the client data shows at all.

Have you tried changing the name to something like step2code_verify

as @george said, you should avoid property names beginning with numbers

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i haven’t. This is a database field that is setup. It might be hard to make that change globally.

Just use the alias column in query builder to give it a different name for this query:

okay, gotcha. Let me try that.

ahhhh…that did it. That is so strange, but excellent catch @George