Issue with Modals in Node Content Pages

Added a modal to a content page using Node. Just a simple add modal, add a button and click event to open the modal. Nothing happens. Get this error in the browser:

Am I doing this wrong?

Anybody used a model in a content page for Node? Is it working for you?

Yes and yes…just tried on a blank project. I’d focus on clearing the error in case that is blocking something from loading properly.

Thanks for the assurance that it in fact does work in Node content pages. I appreciate you taking time out to try it.
The error is a calendar component in the main layout and I’m not using it on this content page. Maybe it is affecting the Modal? Hmm. I’ll try a new fresh project and see if that is the issue.

Created a new project with Node and the modal works as expected. So, I must have something conflicting. I did take out that calendar component though and that did not solve it.

Thanks for your help.

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