Issue with Medium Editor not working in NodeJS

Creating a nodeJS site, I have added Medium Editor to the page and it will not work.
It does not work locally on Docker nor does it work on Digital Ocean.
Error is is giving is:
Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 7.00.34 pm

Any help would be appreciated.

Are you sure the medium editor js includes exist on the layout page and it is saved?

Defiantly in there

<script src="../dmxAppConnect/dmxMediumEditor/medium-editor.js" defer=""></script>

should be before

<script src="../dmxAppConnect/dmxMediumEditor/dmxMediumEditor.js" defer=""></script>

will give it a try now

That did it, but is that someone that Wappler is doing as I’ve not altered the code at all.

I tested this on regular full page as well as on a node content page and couldn’t recreate it - the includes are being inserted in the correct order.
Maybe if you find how they did end up like that and the steps to recreate this, post a bug report topic so we can check this.

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