Issue with keeping users logged in

Having some issues with the inserting records and keeping users logged in. So lets say I am at an insert record page, if the user is at the paged for 1hr and then goes to insert the record, it wont, no error, but then if they do refresh it shows they were logged out.

What do to prevent this from happening.

So was able to troubleshoot and found this problem. So the page security provider enforcer…works great. The database insert has security restrict. The user could not upload after certain time but still had access to the page. Once I removed the security restrict on the database insert it worked …so why would they still have access to the page but not be able to insert record without logging out and then back in?

It sounds to me like your login user cookie is expiring far too quickly.

On you login page you should have 3 different fields username, password, as text inputs, and remember as a checkbox.

If you already have this then great but ensure that the value for the checkbox is set to 1 when checked, in fact i normally just make this checked with a value of 1, the user can uncheck it if they want.

By setting the checkbox in this way it will correctly store the cookie to remember the user for 30 days or whatever you have set, if you forget to set the remember value to 1 it will auto log users out like what you are experiencing.

Thank you. I have made a few changes, lets see how it goes. Thanks again!

So still having issues with keeping users logged in. Checked Chrome and no cookie is being created. Here are my settings. Any help is appreciated


You should not be using the dynamic attribute > checked here. Please remove it.

Got it, will try that

I deleted the form. Recreated and it works now, thanks again for the replies and help team

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