Issue in displaying multiple reference

I’m trying to display the data of multiple reference but not been able to show case it its showing this on debugging.

Actually I have to load users whose id is to be fetched from sub-table and match with another table. Basically I want to connect 2 table to one another using the multireference (sub-table) field.
Is their any solution to this problem?

How did you set up your database and query? Did you end up following a video guide or one on the forum like this, by chance? Using Multi References in the Database Manager

I have used this as a reference to add multiple reference data

This is my query
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You need to add the columns you need to output to the columns list on the right …

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Did this still not working

This is the console view
(in debug mode)
console view without debug mode is the same.

Hey @Teodor could you please help us with this? we tried adding the columns to the right side in the query but it is not giving the expected output instead its returning [object Object].

Where exactly do you see this?

In the console getting this in network of the particular api preview.

This means the debug option for the query step is on. It should NOT be enabled - turn it off.

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I offed the debug mode but still output is not their .The console looks like this

Then something else is wrong. There is no error so probably something in your joins must be wrong. Why not just test everything step by step? Add a table, then start adding joins etc and see when it breaks.
Also what server model and db are you using?