Is Your App Hosted on AWS?

After a lot of research, I think I will go to production in spring time on AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

I’d be interested to be in contact with any other Wapplers who also use that environment!

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Hi Antony, I’ve used AWS in the past but not for a Wappler project (yet). The last time I used Elastic Beanstalk I remember that the deployments were slow, in some cases several hours.

My advice would be to start out with your project in a docker container and outsource storage with an S3-compatible provider (AWS S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, Backblaze B2, Wasabi) if you are storing a large amount of static content.

I would choose a cheap VPS ($5/$10 per month) to start and as you grow you can resize your VPS. AWS is generally more expensive than a provider such as Digital Ocean.

If you’re using docker then when you reach 1000+ active users, it should make moving to a different server or provider a lot simpler.

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Hey @max_gb, thanks for your input!

The hosting world is a new place for me, and there seems to be sooo much to learn. I was looking at AWS as it provides all the features I need in the long term with a graphical interface, so I won’t be needing to ssh into my VPS/Docker world and do loads of command line installation procedures that I’m not so familiar with. It seems like all the docker videos I have watched have an environment setup and management which is full of that kind of thing… unless I’m just watching the wrong videos!

Are you familiar with a Docker environment that can be configured through menu options?

Also I want to set up the production environment with low costs while in development, and I get a year free with AWS whereas the cheapest VPS with DO seems to be 40$/month (unless I am missing something).

Interesting to hear your experiences with AWS though!

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PS - where are you based in _gb?

Hey Antony, I’m from sunny Sussex.

The team has just released Firebase hosting as an experimental feature which you could take a look at. I believe this will make it far easier for users with little-to no experience with web hosting and server admin tasks. I have only used parts of the Firebase tools in the past such as Authentication. I have yet to use their hosting but I was put off by mixed reviews and major outages!

You can manage your Docker environment through the GUI (either Docker desktop or Portainer).

A VPS really isn’t too difficult to manage, once it’s setup correctly it’s just a case of logging in once in a while to apply any updates or patches. You can use services such as ServerPilot, Laravel Forge and Runcloud to setup and manage your VPS for you. I used to use ServerPilot and DigitalOcean together for speed.

The cheapest VPS is $5, I’m not sure where you found $40 from?

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