Is Wappler Pro too Cheap?


I had some time to do some math today and comparisons between Wappler and Dreamweaver w/extensions. For the last 15 years or so I have been purchasing all of the latest DMXZone extensions and all the updates. I stopped buying them when I started using Wappler.

If I were to buy the functionality of Wappler in extensions (and even that doesn’t give you a nice design view and design panel etc) it would cost me over an estimated $3,000 CDN. This doesn’t include the DW subscription either. And I had to manually manage all the extensions and but updates. But you at least I owned the extensions.

There is also an extensions subscription at DMX as well. BAsed on a yearly commitment it would cost me over $800 CDN not including DW.

Now Wappler Pro includes all the extensions and more. A lot of Wappler functionality is not available in extensions. And that cost commitment for a year is only $600 CDN. And updates are frequent and free!

It’s like I’m stealing Wappler! So will I renew my Pro Subscription when it’s up later this month? Hell yeah! In a heartbeat.

Annual Fee of $399

to be honest. Dreamweaver is not a good platform to compare.
Dreamweaver is bad outdated and expensive to begin with

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But DW was my workflow since version 1 so that’s all I had to compare to. I totally agree on your assessment of Dreamweaver. I think it will be the next to go away at Adobe.


i only used DW for one project and never again.
wappler pricing is very welcoming never the less


@brad, let’s keep this a secret among ourselves, don’t tell @George and the Team.


@brad I completely agree with you.
I do not develop website for job, but with Wappler I developed procedures and systems for myself and my company and just this is enough to pay the annual price of Wappler, because really helped me a lot to create an application that follows my workflow and not like often happen where the workflow must follow the application!!

Wappler is exceptional also in the price!


I think the difference is that DMX Zone sells everything itemized and Wappler is a unified program. The model at DMX Zone is something I strongly disagree with. It reminds me of a lot of CRM software. Once you get all the modules you need - it can cost a fortune per user. Whereas unified programs like Filemaker Pro, Zoho One, etc., all have pricing that is very fair in comparison to sites that itemize everything.

The itemized model is everywhere. Shopify, Woo-Commerce, Ninja Forms, VIsual Composer, Wix, Joomla, Wordpress, and the very nature of Envato is. I think that type of pricing is unethical and misleading. Very often - you can’t truly do the things promised and you find out after spending tons of hours configuring something that you need certain plugins. I’m glad Wappler has common-sense pricing and I think it is a fair deal.