Is TipTap the ideal editor for Wappler?

With extensive options for customizing it. TipTap seems like an ideal editor for Wappler to use.

Personally I think the pricing structure is problematic for a bundled component

Actually for future integrations, we are more looking at Lexical, a great extensive content editing framework, made by Facebook and fully free:


I’m glad to hear some progress on finally getting rid of Summernote, it’s been a bug bear of mine for a long time, even way back in my Dreamweaver days, I’ve never been happy with it. I took a look at Lexical and it appears to be an ideal fit for Wappler.


So does this mean you will bypass TinyMCE and go straight to Lexical, @George?

Summernote drives my users mad… I’d love to have this new editor option available asap…

Here is a nice overview of Lexical I just found…


Not just your users…

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Not just your users and your users

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Ha, at the end he mentions he would actually recommend using TipTap over Lexical. :nerd_face:

I saw that too. But, I think that might have been largely due Lexical being new (Git commits only spanning a few weeks) but it was recorded over a year ago so I suspect it is much more stable by now

It’s still only at version 0.13. Their 2023 roadmap mentioned getting to v1.0 as something they were striving for, but looks like that’s still far away.

The project seem fairly active, but there are a lot of issues open.

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@George, I’ve been patiently waiting for a full TinyMCE integration for years now since it was promised many times as being “nearly complete”. If you are now abandoning it for Lexical, when can we reasonably expect that to be released?