Is there any way to create workflow (activities mapping to users) in wappler?

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Is there any way to create workflow (activities mapping to users) in wappler?
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Nyi Nyi Lin

Do you have an example site of what you are trying to do?

Hi Brad
I am trying to create Expenses Claim app which is designed for employees to submit and head of departments (HOD) to approve expense claims online.

Please see workflow diagram below .

Workflow Design

The claimant submits a New Expenses Claim.
Expense claim is routed to the selected Finance Coordinator for verification as Approver 1.
If approved, the expense claim is routed the HOD for Approval .
Finance /HOD can request the claimant to resubmit the expense claim and the expense claim will redirect back to the claimant's inbox for reevaluation, or the HOD can reject it which ends the process flow.


if you want to “draw” workflows then you can’t.
if you want to translate the workflow to an app then you can. using server connect and app connect actions to build the app logic.

I agree with Mohammad. Wappler is capable of developing the necessary functionality to provide for your above work-flow. Sensible logical database design would be essential. A little knowledge in this area would go a long way and be incredibly advantageous to the pace of your development. Wappler has a great community to help navigate the learning curve, and plenty of user examples are available to help provide some ideas as to Wapplers capabilities. Once you have dialed in the basics you’ll have no problems at all accomplishing your requirements.

Hi Mohammad &Dave

Thanks.I just want to have app logic. I would appreciate if you can share one example of step by step how to as I am quite new to Wappler.

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I agree. An example of sending “approval requests” or even “friend requests” would be beneficial. I have spent a few days researching how to do this and have not been able to find an example or solution.