Is there a way to sort or Filter Masonry/Rows?

I use now Dyn. Bootstrap Tables but I guess for styling and Responsiveness its cooler to go with Columns or maybe Cards. Is there a way to handle in a similar way as we use tables? Sorting, Filtering?

Hi Freddy,
You sort and filter your database query. It affects the front end no matter what layout you are using.

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@Teodor well then! Great news! Yes sure I really forgot that we have this JSON layer now between frontend and backend. Happy Xmas! :christmas_tree::gift:

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btw: What reasons are there to still use „Tables“? I mean also where I could face limits when going with rows/columns etc? Paging, Sorting and Filtering would work as discussed now. The only reason I would go for Rows/Columns is that I think I could style them better. Like Webflows Editor, but maybe that thinking is wrong?

Well, it’s all up to you Freddy :slight_smile: if your data looks fine in cards / rows / columns just use them.
If the data requires table layout - use tables :slight_smile:

Again no right or wrong answer here, it depends on how do you like it to be.

Hi @Freddy_Blockchain, I think Wappler has just tried to include all components and more if possible from the standard Bootstrap 4.x framework, and tables are part of that.

Even though tables are very old technology, I use then daily, especially for backend systems, so I feel they are still an integral part of development needs.

@psweb and @Teodor okay I‘ll try smth with cards. BTW just using some snippets via codepen and its amazinv how fast development can be done!!!