Is that possible with wappler?

Hello Wapplers,

I would like to create a webaplication in the form of a task manager. User A assigns tasks to User B and User B can only perform these tasks but not create their own.

User A can add more User B

User A should have the opportunity to use the app via the browser and a mobile app. User B gets only one app.

  1. Can I do something like this with Wappler?

  2. How do I get it out that there is only one connection between User A and B and only they can see the tasks?

I thank you in advance. Sorry if I expressed myself vaguely.

In a word, yes. Just needs two security levels, one to assign, one to do the task. very simple. Not sure what more can say base on such a simple question

Yes, you certainly can. I have done something very similar. Only exception rather than a mobile app I simply have a mobile friendly version of the web app.

Oh, and welcome to Wappler!

Have a simple assignments table. Store assigned users to a task. Each task has a unique id, as does each user.


User with UID fhYtgF60G6fgf is assigned to task UID hhuUk87666TfA with a status, and role. Could even have a description and who assigned the task. Throw in a start date, and even an end date, etc.

Easily done and very simple.