Is it possible to specify the source of filters inside the elements, instead of in the server connection?

My main table uses filtering by 12 fields. Filters for 9 fields work via select. All 9 selectors as a data source have the same table, but with different settings. At the moment I have to create 9 different requests to the server to provide each select with its own data. But it would be much more convenient and less resource-intensive for the system if you could use only one request to the server, and filter the data for each select. Is there a way to achieve this?

I will explain, for clarity. The request to the database is connected using the server connect on the client side. Filters are installed inside the server connection. Therefore, for several selec (in which different information is needed), you have to create several server connections. I’m looking for a way to use one server connection and configure its filtering inside each select.

Thanks in advance!

I’ll try based on my understanding.

Currently you have like the following (One Server Connect for each Server Action Query)?
1 Server Connect => 1 Server Action Query

And you want only 1 Server Connect for your several queries?

If that is the case, then you may have the following options:

  1. One Server Connect with several queries in a Server Action
    • you can create all your queries inside a Server Action file but you need to specify all your filters as several GET parameters. These parameters will be sent over to the server one time.


  1. If you have filters based on the results of other select queries, then you can have several queries in one Server Action file but will have several steps for each query based on the results of the other queries.


  1. If your queries are related to each other and you want the result in one query, you can do embedded selects. This will also have 1 Server Action file only with a custom query that has embedded selects inside.


Hope this helps.


Thank you very much for the options! From the above it seems that the first option may be suitable. I will taste to implement.

In one of our recent projects, we had to add filters to a data table too.
I am not sure if this is exactly your use case.
There is one server connect with multiple GET/POST variables, one for each filter type.
In the server action, there is one single database query (NOT CUSTOM).
In this action, I have set the conditions within the conditions tab with conditions.

So, if I get a value in the GET/POST variable, that condition GROUP gets applied to the query, otherwise it does not.
Make sure to NOT put a condition to the main parent query, unless required.