Is it possible to Build SAAS and PAAS (platform-based) web applications with the help of Wappler?

I am thinking of creating a platform based web/mobile app via bubble. But then I came across Wappler. I am wondering whether this tool creates only websites or can also create SAAS and/or PAAS software applications?

Also, since there is no lock-in, which is on one hand great. But for somebody who has no programming background - how would it be in terms of managing ‘updates’ on the software created, it’s ‘security’, ‘hosting’, ‘database/cloud’ and not fully what more to get such applications running, etc.? These seem like a few entry barriers for somebody with no technical background. I read some discussions within the community that these are no big deal ,however according to somebody with no technical background it is still an entry barrier.

So if there are some videos/documentations on this part- guiding through what’s required/how to simply integrate app made via Wappler, this could make decision to use Wappler instead of other such tools much easier. Any suggestions here are welcome! :slight_smile:

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I can only answer part of this, but you can definitely build complex and powerful SaaS applications with Wappler. I myself and doing that as are some other users on here.

There will be learning curves for someone with no technical background and I personally have found some good Udemy courses on certain subjects useful in conjunction with this forum and Wappler documents (courses on SQL, bootstrap, JavaScript etc can be useful depending on what your building)

You’ll need to read up on hosting as well even though there is easy integration with Docker and other technologies, if you don’t know about these as I didn’t, you’ll need to research a bit. But if you want the power, flexibility and code ownership that Wappler gives you, you’ll need to do a bit of learning on the side in my opinion.

This is similar to what I want to know, as well. There isn’t a lot of documentation like with Bubble, making the learning curve even steeper for us no-coders. The community, from what I’ve seen, seem to be a bit hostile, as well.

Hi @etudiant ,

Welcome to Wappler and our great community! Here you can find all the resources you need to get started quickly and also any expert advise from the Wappler experts.

For building PAAS with Wappler you might want to check this tutorial:

@imvicdiagnostic - we already have quite large collection of learning resources for Wappler

You can find a good overview of those at: