Is it possible in any way to upload to database a displayed image on a page using app connect?

I have a image I call via api and it displays on a page. Can I, in some way use form insert or update to upload this image to a folder and save the db link like one would with a file field? I see the file field on forms only have a static value and my value will be dynamic meaning made up from the basic api call in the img source tag and then additional parameters as selected by the user.

I don’t know if it would work but you could certainly add the file name to a databse by also populating a hidden form field with the same call as your image on the page. You would need a file field though to actually upload the image. Could possibly have the image field dynamically populated but have the field in a hidden div.

May not work but may be worth a try.

You can save your direct link in the database but you can just auto download and reupload files!

This is strictly secured by the browsers as it can lead to serous security issues.

The file upload control can only be populated by user action - like user picking a file to upload.

Thank @George. I saw now I get 10,000 requests per day, so hopefully(maybe hopefully since this is my startup) I won’t hit that soon and just save and use the link as src and display the images dynamically. Wanted to save api requests by saving the files locally on my app. But security come first!