Is Database Single Query Builder limited to importing 150 columns?

Wappler Version : 4.0.1
Operating System : Windows 10
Server Model: PHP
Database Type: MySQL
Hosting Type:

Expected behavior

What do you think should happen?

I would have expected to be able to add an unlimited number of columns, or some warning as to the limit.

Actual behavior

What actually happens?

Seems that there is a limit of 150 columns.

How to reproduce

There seems to be a limit of 150 columns and so, in this case, the last 12 columns do not get imported.

In this first screenshot I managed to import 150 columns. If I tried 151 columns then it would fail.

If I try to import all columns in one go then approx the first 60 columns (or so) get imported into the list BUT ALL columns are shown in the SELECT query at the bottom.

150 columns?? Wow that is a lot!

How can you even manage it?

Seems like a bad database design to me, maybe not applied the database relation theory optimally or do you really have so much properties for each item to store.

Hi George, just to give you an idea, each row represents a report, and the columns are each field entry.

The report is made up of a minimum of 3 pages similar to this (some could be 7 or 8 pages), areas in red represent data manually entered, stored and pulled from the database. 53 elements indicated on this screenshot alone.

All elements are individual to each report.

We have more reports to build which will have nearly double this number of columns.

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Damn that is indeed a lot of information! Well should be possible. I wasn’t aware of any limits but @patrick will check it out.

Seems MySQL itself has a limit of 4096 columns:

But if there that that there shouldn’t be any limit. Do you see all the columns well in the database manager?

Is the 150 columns limit just on the query dialog?

Don’t think I’ll quite need 4096 columns! :laughing:

I can see all the columns in Wappler’s Database Manager.

The problem seems to be in the Query Builder.

Oh, and as indicated on the above screenshot but I didn’t mention, the minimise/maximise button seems to have vanished.

Yes we had to remove the maximized buttons for now as those didn’t fit our new design.

We will be moving those modals to tab editors in the future anyway.

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Yikes! Thats a lot of data! I hit max stress level when I get to 20 columns!

Calm down, calm down!
Unfortunately I have been around these forms and processes for 25 years so I know them inside out. They have always been created as Microsoft Word Templates and I am trying to make them web based. The job is taking a lot longer than originally estimated but getting close now.

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Had to look that up! Very nice Riggers!! Sorry to have interrupted your post mate :slight_smile:

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Hi George, is there any chance that there will be an update for this before you go on your well earned break?

I’m not aware of any limits, will try to figure out where that limit is. If you need all columns then you could use * instead of selecting them all, or are you excluding some?

Hi Patrick, I am excluding some, but the issue is that I need to create some aliases as there is a join with a small table.

It seems that the 150 limit is related to the grid component we use, it has a limit of 150 records that it initially shows, but it should add 15 more each time you scroll down. I will investigate further why our implementation isn’t loading the extra records or maybe we could just increase the initial records that are shown.

From what I see at this moment is that the columns are probably all added but it only shows the first 150 records in the grid component. Did the remaining columns show up in the query preview?

Yes, that is correct and makes sense.

Hi Patrick, any further update to this issue because it causes me a headache everytime I want to edit something in these queries?