Invisible reCAPTCHA

My clients are complaining about the reCAPTCHA saying that it keeps their users from using the forms. An invisible reCAPTCHA could be a possible solution.

Hi Ben,
Are you referring to the recaptcha that requires you to click a checkbox “I am not a robot” that keeps users away? :slight_smile:

That is the one that is available in Wappler at present. I am referring to

Yes I know, I just asked as I was wondering why the “I am not a robot” checkbox is keeping the users from submitting the form :slight_smile:

We will probably integrate the new invisible recaptcha soon.

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I had a client who was unhappy with the reCAPTCHA included on a contact form. I replaced it with an alternative which I told him probably wouldn’t be as effective, but would at least be invisible. I added a ‘honeypot’ feature - where the submitted form fails validation if a particular field is given a value.

I gave the field a plausible name and ‘hid’ it with css:
#preferred {
left: 2000px;
(probably more reliable than visibility:none)

I appreciate this solution is not as sophisticated as a reCAPTCHA but it has worked well in this case. I added the ‘honeypot’ about a year and a half ago. I redirected bad submissions (where the hidden was given a value) to myself - there have been almost 1400 so far. As far as I know, my client has not received a single email from a robot during this time.


It is possible to insert invisible Captcha in a Wappler page
To do so, you must first register the site on Google ReCaptcha ( choosing “Invisible” to obtain the site key and the secret key
Then configure client and server side
It works great


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Hi Marzio, could you explain for others here the configure the client and server side of this captcha?

First you need to have a Google Account and register the site at the reCAPTCHA service ( - choosing “Invisible V2” setting
Take note of the keys (site and secret)

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This is a Tutorial

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Before close head

Position in the page

After close body

File captcha_scripts.js
Remember insert Key Site (2.2 KB)

And conclude with the server-side file
Remember to enter the secret key (1.4 KB)

I hope I have helped you


bumping this request!

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Bringing this up again. We more and more have to replace our honeypot solution with this ugly and user unfriendy Recaptcha. Please provide a Wappler implementation for this.