Invalid address for Bootstrap themes on Wappler 1.9.3 "/bootstrap/.. instead of "bootstrap/


Wappler Version : 1.9.3.
Operating System : MacOs Mojave

Expected behavior

<link rel="stylesheet" href="bootstrap/4/lux/bootstrap.min.css">

Actual behavior

Wappler writes: <link rel="stylesheet" href="/bootstrap/4/lux/bootstrap.min.css">


I got a problem today because I apply to a website the Bootstrap Lux theme and the webpage appears have not Bootstrap installed.

It seems that Wappler add the library as

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/bootstrap/4/lux/bootstrap.min.css">

while before address was:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="bootstrap/4/lux/bootstrap.min.css">

I tried in Chrome to edit the line deleting the initial “/” and formatting working well.
Unfortunately each time I’m saving the page, I get again the problem

Simply add a local bootstrap theme (like LUX, Materia or other)



Hello @updates
I just tested and it works as expected, adding the right include path.

Can you check what is your Links relative to option set to for this project:


thank you … it was on site root.

Thank you very much again @Teodor


Just switch it to document relative then :slight_smile:


Hi @Teodor, is there a doc for what “Links Related To” actually does? And does it affect other href links on the page too or just included links/scripts?

Because I had the exact same issue and before recent updates, the project was working fine with this option set to “Site”. Now I HAVE to set it to “Document” to make it work.


The option was not working correctly in previous versions from Wappler. It always generated links relative to document even when set to site.


So, if I change the option to SITE now, will all the links automatically get updated?

Also, can you please explain in brief how exactly SITE & DOCUMENT options work?


@nshkrsh - nothing much to be explained here.

  • Site relative links are relative to site root

  • Document relative links are relative to the document.

Your page is located at:


I don’t know why, but I always find it confusing.
Understood the above explanation. :slight_smile:

On more question though: Is there a performance trade-off between the two methods in Wappler, or it doesn’t matter at all?


No, choosing either of the settings won’t have any effect on the performance.