Introduce An Older Sites w/ New Pages Crafted with Wappler


I have several sites that have 50+ pages crafted with Bootstrap 3 & many DMXzone Extensions. I would like to add a newer Admin folder and place in it a more modern user management system with Wappler.

I really don’t want to remodel the whole site… Is it possible to keep existing pages intact?

Should I give it a go or stay with the current framework?


Your admin pages can be built using Wappler and Bootstrap 4. There are no issues if your frontend is built using Bootstrap 3.


Thank you Teodor! That is a great relief… I really prefer to slowly transition the whole site. However, anything ‘NEW’ I would like to go ahead and build the pages using Wappler.


This is really great. I have some bs3 websites that I wanted to remodel their backend with Wappler and bs4 and was wondering if this would break the DW frontend AppConnect ServerConnect version. Thanks for asking