Integration with electronic signature and cloud based docs

I’m introducing contracts with elecronic signatures for my clients in 2020. I have a service called SignNow which looks pretty good and secure. I didn’t think I could really do this securely and legally with Wappler so relied on available solutions. My ask is that I’d like to place the signed contracts into a cloud based storage area where I could access those docs from a Wappler page. For example, if I have a client page, I would like to be able to list all documents for that client and be able to click on them to see them.

What is the best cloud service to access documents from Wappler and what’s the best way to view them. They will be pdfs.


Hi @marsalstudios, you would not need a cloud service for downloading of files, you can put the files on your server and allow your clients to download them through a Wappler page.

See this for more information. File Downloads with Server Connect

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Hi Rick,

Just remember that if you use the default setup of Wappler you’ll be storing those files where the public has access to them. In other words, there is some risk that the files can be viewed by everybody. You can protect them completely and associate each file with a particular user, but I had to write up some custom php to make that happen…OR, I completely missed the boat on how Wappler can do it. :slight_smile:


Thanks. Yes I’m aware of file downloads and could go that route although I only really want to view them not necessarily download them. My doc e-sign service is and I could save the docs to things like google docs, one drive, etc. Just need to know how to access these from Wappler and how to streamline the process as much as possible for inserting and retrieving the docs. I eventually will write something to let my clients access them but for now , they will get them through email.

@marsalstudios, if you want to integrate with google drive or another cloud based server, then you would need to check out their API and utilize Wappler’s API service.

If you’ve decided to use SignNow, you can hookup to their API within Wappler. They have a GET endpoint to retrieve a document

Or they seem to offer a Document Group function that allows only download of the document if the user has the correct role.

Maybe you could use an Open Source solution - FTP Contract : A signable contract that lives in a single file