Integrate Electron to allow creation of desktop apps

Wappler is an impressive tool as it is, but it would be super awesome if it could add support for Electron ( to allow us to build desktop apps, besides iOS, Android and Web apps.

Wappler would then definitely become “the app builder to rule them all”. :hammer_and_wrench::slightly_smiling_face:

Good idea! Sure we can do that - seems like a logical step indeed.

Although we have a slight preference for NWJS ( as Wappler is also build with it :slight_smile:


Although we have a slight preference for NWJS ( ) as Wappler is also build with it.

That makes sense. Nwjs is easier to use, so it would be more akin to the Wappler's philosophy. Electron have a broader integration with native features, though.


Good read btw:

Are there any news ?

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Not yet - this is a bit low priority right now.

This is other feature request . Maybe you can merge

@Marcio_Duarte This is a fantastic idea. It cannot be overstated what a tremendously useful feature this would be and how much of a competitive advantage it would give Wappler in this space. You’re right, it is an incredible tool as-is but this would be nothing short of a game-changer.

Well just to add to the news a lot of new exciting developments are coming to that area!

  1. The latest Framework 7 have a desktop theme Aurora:

  2. Cordova Added support for Electron as well:

  3. Electron is catching up finally on Chrome:

So exciting times ahead and we will definitely take advantage of those great developments in Wappler!


are there any news?


Is NWJS also still in the works (or already possible) ?

Electron is already available as a platform in Cordova builder, so now you can build desktop apps as well.

Hi @Teodor,

Yes I saw that within the 2.0.2 release notes and various recent discussions by users. But my question was is support for NWJS also still in the works as an option?

NWJS is currently not an option because of the complex building process and also NWJS apps aren’t easy to get in the official apps stores. While Electron has it all built-in.

As for the development process is very similar. So it doesn’t matter much.

Ok, thanks for the response on this and the reasoning.