Instant code (view) updates on design (element) changes


In current version, when there’s change of element in design view, the code will only be updated on (design view) blur. Meaning that user needs to click other element or somewhere in design view then the code in code view will be updated. If I make a text Bold from design view, then directly click on the code view, the code will not be updated with b tag. I need to click somewhere in design view after I make a text bold then the code will be updated in code view.

Can this be improved so that the code will instantaneously updated right after changes in design view.



I assume you’re referring to the experimental version of design view. I agree this unsatisfactory, but I would prefer it if the current (non-experimental) solution were retained:


This leaves the user in no doubt as to the status of any changes (and the option to cancel is useful). The new approach is neat and minimalist, but I think it will inevitably lead to some confusion - and errors (eg apparently disappearing changes).


Well that’s the expected behavior … while in edit mode (i.e. you double clicked text and edit it) it does not save changes until you save changes i.e. click outside, hit enter or hit tab. That’s because you may wish to cancel the changes i.e. hit the Esc button.

The changes are only made, when what you enter is saved.

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