Installing Wappler on Fedora Linux

@George, I’ve never used Linux before. Now I want to try the Fedora distribution. Please tell me, at this point in time, what is the most reliable and optimal way to install Wappler on Fedora?

Well Currently we only have DEB file Linux installation suitable for more Debian based Linux systems like Ubuntu.

Fedora like Red Hat use RPM installation files. You might be able to convert our deb file to rpm, see:

If there are a lot requests about rpm installations, we can consider to provide those as well directly.

I’d suggest going with Debian based distributions (Ubuntu) for now unless there is something you really want from Fedora based distributions? I say this as installation of Wappler on Debian is literally a double click and you’re ready to login to your Subscription, login and Wappler will then fire up. No conversions or configurations to undertake, then when you are happy investigate other distributions… Go for it.

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Thanks for the advice, installed Ubuntu and am absolutely satisfied :slight_smile:


There are different linux installers available now:
Screenshot 2022-11-10 at 17.27.30

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