Installing Cordova not accepting my password

I am trying to install Cordova to make another start at building a mobile app. NodeJS is already installed but it then says Cordova needs installing and asks me for my password. I keep entering my Mac password but it isn’t accepting it. After three attempts it bombs out.

I then tried to install it through the terminal (I’m on a Mac) using this command:

sudo npm install cordova

which seems to have worked fine (this accepted my password) but Wappler still says it’s not installed. I’ve restarted Wappler multiple times, too (v3 Beta 1).


Hmm, seems there was a little more to it.

I have now installed Homebrew, GIT and then Cordova via this command:

sudo npm install -g cordova

and this time it all worked fine.

Wappler now shows it as installed. :slight_smile:

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I have the exact same problem, does not accept password.

I think I ended up using the OS terminal rather than the Wappler one. Can’t honestly remember but am fairly sure that’s how I got round it. I’m on MacOS btw so used the Mac terminal.

I just re-read my original post in this thread and that explains what I did.

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It’s a lot of hassle to type my directory each time or drag the folder into the terminal. They should just fix it to work directly from wappler. I would make a bug report but they seem to be ignoring my interactions.