Installed Extensions 'more info'


It would be great to be able to click on an extension to be directed to a ‘more info’ page.


I was already thinking of remaking the extensions list panel to be also restyle like the new project management panel.

Also adding extension info page with related videos and showcases and docs might be really useful indeed


That would be great especially for those like me who are less used with the terminologies compare to those who already used DMX app before or are comfortable with development of dynamic sites.
Some components speak by them self by their name (Ex.: App Connect Slideshow) but some are less obvious (Ex.: "App Connect Travel’) So I was hopping for more info about what each components can do and more maybe more specifically those that are not so obvious, you could even show some real example of what it is possible to achieve with them.

I think this would be of good help especially for new Wappler users and even help make more sales :slight_smile: