Inserting image source url

OS info

  • Operating System : Windows 10.0.17134
  • Wappler Version : 1.0.3

Problem description

Image does no appear on screen only broken icon when under “image properties” src is: images/logo.jpg and “project folder” local settings is: “file:///K:/wappler”

Steps to reproduce

  1. select local image
  2. no image appears only broken icon.

Is the image you are selecting located inside your site folder?
Also have you browsed to it or just entered its path?
What are the links preferences set to in the wappler settings?

Image is located inside site folder.

I browsed to it; also, under file manager I can see the image thumbnail.

Are “link preferences” the stuff under project settings, general, target? If yes, under local folder I browsed to the site folder and selected it.

Can you please provide a screenshot of what you see exactly and paste the code that is generated for your image.

Screenshot attached.

Were you able to figure out what the problem is?

I’ve also had the same problem in 1.1.0. Also, and this seems linked - since 1.1.0 I cannot upload individual images from my resources/images/ folder.

So, if I add a new image that is in the local folder, but as yet has not been uploaded, only the broken icon appears - same as JCR.

When trying to upload the individual image from the resources/images/ folder I get 'Upload Failed! cd ok, cwd=/public_html

However, if i upload the whole ‘images’ folder, the upload works and the image also appears in design view.

Hope this helps

Hi @jcr this might be a very stupid suggestion, but please just try it out, in your screenshot you show the image name as behavior-logo.jpg however your finder window is showing behavior-logo without the .jpg extension, i know the extension is actually there but just hidden by windows but if you could please just make the extension of .jpg show and see if it then gets the image to display.
@terrytring maybe you could also try this out for me as when you upload your image it would show in the extension in most hosting platforms.

Hi @psweb no, that doesn’t make any difference. The strange thing in this latest version is not being able to upload the individual files but uploading the whole folder is OK

@jcr what is the current project target selected? And could you verify that the image file is there remotely available?

@George - I was wondering if you have any thoughts about not being able to upload individual images from within my local images folder but being able to upload the whole folder OK and whether this might be linked to the problem that @jcr is having and me too.

Nothing has changed with targets, settings etc from the previous version where I could upload individual images.

@terrytring do you refer to FTP upload? We had a big there indeed in uploading individual items from a subfolder. Will be fixed in this week update. For now just upload the folder - it will auto upload the new images.

Thanks @George - no problem. Just getting back to being able to use Wappler again after another bit of an enforced absence - the more I get to use it the more I really like it! having a lot of fun with it now.

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I found what I believe is the problem: Under “Project Settings” -> “General” -> “Local Web Server URL” I wrote the actual website address ( and that broke the image. I did not realize it because before, when I had deleted the website address, the image was still broken. Last time I saved my project and exited after deleting the web address and when I opened Wappler again, the image appeared.

I have not had much free time to play with the script, but I think it has lots of potential.

Yes please leave the “Local Wwb Server URL” empty in the settings.

We will remove this option anyway as it causes too much confusion and if you really have a local web server that you can just add it as target

So that you know @brad, @ben and @psweb

I always leave the ‘Local Web Server URL’ empty in the settings and still had the same problem as @jcr

Taken note and acted accordingly. Thank you.