Insert dynamic wappler content into WordPress page

I have created Wappler pages with dynamic content and want to include it on my WordPress site any tips?

How about <iframe> or <embed>?

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I was going to use the iframe option as a last result but was able to edit the wordpress header.php file and add to these spots in the code, mainly because I wanted to make it part of the page and not and include.

Head tag
script src="/dmxAppConnect/dmxAppConnect.js

In the body tag
body is=“dmx-app”

Right after the body tag
dmx-serverconnect id=“serverconnect1” url="/dmxConnect/api/Connection/dbConn.php"></dmx-serverconnect

That adds the core components to the WP template.

Then I simply needed to add the actual code for what I wanted to happen dynamically IE the <div or <li
with wappler variables to a shortcode plugin and place that shortcode into the page where I wanted it to appear and BOOM there it was :slight_smile:

open < and close tags /> removed because this blog will not allow them FYI

That looks really interesting. I may try that on a site which is a similar scenario to you.

FYI, if you use the preformatted text option for the code, you can display it all including tags in this forum.

eg. <script> </script>