Input Form optional: Your input is very valuable



Most videos I see about forms, is the manual removal process of the small , maybe „sometimes“ useful text of:

Your input is very valuable.

Below your form input fields. Would be nice to have a bit more flexibility or make this optional. Also think about multilanguage later, this needs to be changed in some other way.


Hello Freddy,
That’s the default help text for the inputs, included in Bootstrap 4. You can remove it from the App Structure or edit it to suit your needs.


Hi @Teodor, for the majority of my forms I don’t use the help text for the inputs and so it would be great to have the option to generate a form without the help text. It’s quite time consuming to go through and delete each one, especially when a form can contain 30 or 40 fields. Then on the odd one or two form fields, I could add it in. It would be a ‘nice to have’.


Ok, that makes sense!
Maybe @George should check this and just remove it as a default option.


That’s great, thanks for the consideration


You can get rid of them all in one go, using search/replace, searching for:
(using the Regex option).


Hahaha @TomD, that’s really good and thanks for that option. I have never got my head around regex, maybe after all these years I should at least learn the basics.


Oh I love regex! Its so incredible powerful, to bad I dont have time for learning everything. Thank you so much!


It’s quite easy when you get the hang of it (Google, that is - not regex).

unassigned George #10


The help text is now optional in the form generator in Wappler 1.7.4


Yes thanks so much that saves a lot of time! :ok_hand:t5: