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I’m not sure that I am set up correctly for a new project on my local computer. I tried setting up the new folder like the Real Estate Demo, but this morning my project is not live.

What steps and choices in the activating the new project do I need to follow since I want to use the JSON approach to providing the data source?


Using JSON data source for offline pages
Using JSON data source for offline pages

Hello John,
Please check the documentation related to project setup and management:


Hi Teodor,

This was an outstanding e-mail for newbies. I had a lot of my questions answered as I went through it. I’d recommend that Wappler send this list to all new subscribers first. Very well organized for someone starting out, moving from another design environment. I’ve attached a couple screenshots that shows I made progress over the weekend.

There is still one question that I face as I’m attempting to make my site a static one using the JSON file. How do I set up the files and routing to get one of my browsers to read and run it? The article about FTP was a good one, but I could not convert it to my own browser.




I am not sure i understand your question, what exactly do you mean to “convert it” - what do you need to convert?
What routing are you referring to as well?


Hi Teodor,
Sorry, typo.
I cannot get the site to connect to my own browsers. The routing question was related to the same issue - setting up the routing so that it works with a browser that is accessing a site or JSON file on its own computer?


John, there is a preview in browser button which opens the page in your browser. Not sure if that is what you call to “connect” them.

Also - are you sure you are familiar with routing? By routing do you mean url rewrite?


Hi Teodor,
When I click on the browser button, all I get is “Please select a target with a web server.” Seems like I’ve got to make a selection somehow. My computer is not connected to a web server (is it).

This is all part of my confusion over “rewrite and or routing”. I’ve worked in the cloud for so long that I don’t know how to make my own computer do what I need it to do.



Well you need a server running somewhere - doesn’t matter a local MAMP/WAMP/XAMPP/IIS or some web server somewhere on some hosting.

Again, please take a look at the docs about setting a server connection:

It shows how to connect to your server via an FTP but you can just select “Local Folder” instead and point to your local server running on your machine.
Then select this target in the target menu (bottom left) and you will be able to open your pages using this button … no routing or whatever url rewrite is needed here at all.


Ok. I do not intend for my customers to have to use any server. I want the site to run entirely on their desktop or a laptop when I connect a “portable” drive to it via a USB port.
I also do not want to do the development on a server; just my computer.

Seems like Wappler should do this. Yes?


The issue here is not really Wappler related.

When you load your files from a (web or local) server, you load them through http:// or https:// links. Example: http://localhost/mysite/index.html

That’s not the case when you load them from a folder on your drive, the links then start with file://.
Example file://D:/websites/mysite/index.html

Some browsers, like chrome, won’t display the JSON data on HTML files loaded with file:// links, however these links will work fine in Edge or Firefox.
That is all caused by CORS.

A solution here may be a WAMP/MAMP server on your usb drive, which doesn’t require installation.


Hi Teodor,

Thanks. I’ll see how this plays out.

Are the WAMP/MAMP servers very expensive?


WAMP and MAMP are free.


Hi Brad,
Cheap enough!
Are there any gotchas to avoid and which is right for Windows 10?



You probably want to use WAMP.


What I meant was a version that does not require installation, so you can use it on your USB drive. Just try googling the subject.


Hi Teodor,

Thanks. Right now I’m hung up on trying to get a JSON file pulled together so I can see what we need to do to build a template and then change the static content as the different pages are called.

I’m reading the “Working with JSON Data” article, but I keep missing something when trying to pick the “Expression”. I guess I don’t know the difference. So I can’t match up the Expression with what I want to change.

Thanks for any clarification you can provide.



Can you please provide a screenshot of what you see/don’t see/try to select?

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