Does anyone know how can IndexedDB be used and accessed within Wappler?


Well we do have future plans to make a Database Creator, next to the current Database Connector, to allow creation of database structures in Wappler.

However IndexedDB is much simpler object/keys storage so it might be much easier to implement because of its simple keys/values principle.

What exactly do you want to do with IndexedDB - could you describe your user case more in detail?


I need to encapsulate a database within a stand-alone webpage/“app” without the need to include something like PHP to add the database (e.g., MySQL, SQLite).

I need to create the mobile (even desktop) page/“app” that could store data without an external database but capable of storing at least 5000 records; this to be able to comply with privacy and security regulations FROM the webpage/“app” design standpoint. For example, if the data remains encapsulated within the mobile webpage, only the person(s) authorized to review the information would have access to it, no data “flowing” through the net. The webpage/“app” could then be used even offline.

(My next step would be to be able to sync the data if necessary from the offline webpage/“app” to a computer/server via WiFi - but this is another topic).