Increase maximum execution time in php

I want to limit maximum execution time or increase it .
If I remember correctly we could do this dmxzone dw extensions . Maybe you can add this feature otherwise we have to do this via php.ini

Does this not do what you are looking for?

Try setting the Script Timeout parameter.

If that still does not work and you do not want to mess with the global php.ini file you can also take a look into using a .user.ini instead.

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Ohh Sorry @psweb
I had a sleepless day :))

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Hello Paul,
when i am trying to add the Script Timeout, even if i saved the action file, the filed becomes empty automatically. how can i fix it. i am trying to load larger CSV file and it fails due to timeout setting.

Hello Yannic,

It seems that the Script Timeout isn’t working correctly with the .NET server model, we are investigating this.

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Hello Patrick and team thanks for info. Please advise if there any update on the issue?
highly appreciate your support and advise.
Regards, Yannick

Hi Patrick,
I have just updated Wappler 2.3.0 and i have noticed that settings icon is not there under Action steps. is it placed somewhere else now? Please advise


Isn’t it where it always has been?


It seems that the settings in the actions weren’t working correctly. We are working on a better implementation. @brad The Server Connect Settings on the toolbar are global settings, the settings in the action file were only for the specific action.

thanks Patrick, i hope some good news very soon. in my project, i have bigger size CVS files to upload. this script timeout issue has forced me to break CSV in smaller groups. this has resulted around 100 CSV files to be uploaded one by one. i cannot upload data more than 4000 records in one shot. i hope u understand my problem. Many Thanks

This sounds like a lot of work. Do you not have access to the .htaccess file or equivalent on the server?

Don’t forget when you want to upload large files that it is not only the timeout that needs to be increased. There is also an limit on upload size that needs to be configured on the server.

Hi Patrick.
I have checked my hosting and the i have limit of 2GB upload. and i can upload directly to MySQL via PHPmyAdmin but the interface i have created with Wappler turns into timeout. appreciate Wappler to be updated soon. Many thanks