Incorrect text field and value field bindings for autocomplet

Wappler Version : 3.0.0 rc1
Operating System : 10.15.5

Expected behavior

When selecting the text or value fields in the data properties of an autocomplete element, only the field binding should be set.

Actual behavior

A binding to the data source with index 0 is included.

How to reproduce

Create an autocomplete element
Set the data source to a server connect array
Set the text/value field
Check the resulting code

Resulting element:

<input id="autocomplete1" name="autocomplete1" is="dmx-autocomplete" dmx-bind:data="" optiontext="[0].first_name" optionvalue="[0].user_id">

Should be:

<input id="autocomplete1" name="autocomplete1" is="dmx-autocomplete" dmx-bind:data="" optiontext="first_name" optionvalue="user_id">

I know I have run into this with other elements as well, but can’t recall those use cases right now.

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Could you check if this solved in Wappler 3.0 rc.3?

Hey George…sorry, no change for me using rc3

This is now fixed in Wappler 3.0.1

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