Incorrect route generated

Wappler Version : 3.0.2
Operating System : PHP 7

Expected behavior

When choosing a route destination, the correct value should be chosen

Actual behavior

An invalid route is generated

How to reproduce

Create a PHP head page and add the browser component
Create a Content page and assign to the Head Page
Create a 2nd Content page and assign the the Head Page. Insert a button and create a dynamic click event with the 1st Content page as its route.
Create the routes on the head page
Navigate to route2 and click the button

Head page:

Routes generated:

Selecting route destination:

Code generated for browser goto:

The route attempted in the browser ( should be head/route1 not headroute1):

The problem lies with the similarly named routes. This can be solved by adding Exact


Isn’t that what I’ve done ( Head page screenshot above ) ? :slight_smile: