Incorrect data type when binding/formatting data

Used Operating System

  • Windows 10 Pro


  • select field from Data Bindings panel
  • field types are wrong: all fields are of type Text

Wappler correctly interprets field types in Query Builder:


… but not in the Data Bindings or Formats panel:

Number formatting can’t be applied. Converting the field to a number - {{price.toNumber()}} - doesn’t help (nothing is output).

In my view, price should always be treated as a Number throughout the process including the database. The database type should be ‘float’. Only when displaying the price, should this be formatted as a price.

This has the advantage that calculations can be made down the track as in shopping cart and accounting functions.

I agree, and this is the field definition:


Have you not encountered the problem I’ve described - that Wappler interprets a field as a number in some cases and not in others, in some cases making it impossible to format correctly?

No, not that I can remember. It has always been interpreted correctly although I must admit that I do tread very carefully while using Wappler. I have found that some stuff goes haywire. Restarting Wappler does help in most of these instances.