Incorrect CSS Generated From Theme Manager in BS5

Wappler Version : 4.0.1
Operating System : W10

Expected behavior

When using col-12 and col-md classes on an element, col-md class should get applied for screen sizes md & above.

Actual behavior

Due to incorrect sequencing of classes in the CSS file generated by Wappler Theme Manager in version 4, col-12 overrides col-md in screen sizes md & above.

How to reproduce

This was not an issue in Wappler v3.9.9 - or could have been.
I had to regenerate the theme when I did a fresh install of Wappler 4 & opened my project. Wappler decided to reset this CSS, so I had to regenerate.
Regeneration restored my changes correctly, but the final theme file generated has classes in incorrect sequence.

Checking the original BS5 CSS file, I see:

In the file generated by Wappler Theme Manager:

As you can see from the line numbers, my page’s CSS is now out of place due to this incorrect overriding.
Please fix.


Sid we are using the original Bootstrap 5 css files and we don’t do any overrides. Just compile them with new variables.

You might be looking at different bootstrap 5 version files.

The the Bootstrap version included with Wappler is 5.0.2

We hope soon to be updating the Bootstrap 5 included files to the latest 5.1.1

I downloaded BS 5.0.2 and see that the problem exists there as well.
Would be great if you guys could update it asap.

I see in BS 5.1.0 release logs that a change related to this was reverted:

Not sure when Wappler will use 5.1.1, but I hope it will come with a fix for the reported theme overriding issue.

Any way that I can update the theme file manually to 5.1.1 for now?

We hope to update it soon in a week or two.

You can’t just replace them as it won’t be recognized by Wappler.

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