Includes Files Don't Render When Bootstrap Theme is used

When opening an include file in Wappler should it render as it would in the page?

Here is what the include should like like on the page:

Here is what it looks like when editing directly:

So far I am very impressed with the Includes feature. Haven’t tried it with dynamic data or anything in it yet but with static content it seems to work very well. Well done!

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When the include file is created by Wappler (with the “Move To Include File” icon the the App Structure panel), there is a special comment added on top:

<!-- Wappler include -->

This makes the partial html file render well in Wappler’s design view. It even gets the design frameworks used, included so it renders visually all well.

These frameworks are auto added to this comment when created by Wappler, or when you add frameworks on such partial content page - they are actually only added as parameters to the include comment - so design view knows and includes them for viewing and design

That include is indeed in the code, however it is not rendering as you can see in my screenshots. So is this a bug?

Note: If it is actually suppose to render that would be amazing to a feature that perhaps is one of the best you have added yet.

Could you paste the exact Wappler include comment code? If you had bootstrap4 for example on the main page then you should see it as attribute at the include as well like:

<!-- Wappler include  jquery_slim_33="cdn" bootstrap4="cdn"-->

if it is not listed, you can just add the framework in will add those attributes on the partual page.

And then it should refresh and show it nicely rendered with loaded bootstrap in design view :slight_smile:

<!-- Wappler include appconnect="local" bootstrap4="simplex" jquery_slim_33="cdn"-->

aha that is because you are using one of the Bootswatch themes. We have to update those to the latest Bootstrap 4.1.1 as well.

So try just regular Bootstrap 4 for now - cdn or local

Did you try the new includes @psweb ? I think you will love them :slight_smile:

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I am testing it out now, @George you have out done yourself, love it.

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I can't go changing my entire site to plain bootstrap. It has to be done individually on every page not like in the DW extension where it is global.

I'll have to live with it not rendering I guess.

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I am going to be testing this feature quite hard though, I am just warning you because i use it alot, if between @brad and myself we can not find a way to break it, then it will certainly be bullet preef, haha. :sunglasses:


Fixed in 1.0.3 and works great!

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