Improvement to Search and Replace in code view

Within the “Find” and the “Search & Replace” facility it would be very helpful to have the following:


  • Total found : Y
  • Showing X of Y
  • < Previous and Next >
  • < First and Last >

I didn’t even know there was a find and replace!
Apple-F activates “find” (but you have to know apple keyboard shortcuts for that as nothing is in the main or contextual menu for it), but “find and replace” (normally ^-apple-G) doesn’t do anything. Even my find doesn’t highlight the other findings and cycling through multiple finds with apple-G doesn’t work either (how to go to the next find, which would be the modal in dmx-bs4-modal in your example?

I resorted to opening the code in my normal coding text editor to do multi-regex find/replace but if it can be done in wappler, better still!

Please check the shortcut keys for code editor: Wappler Shortcut Keys

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oh, that’s a gem! thanks!!

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The first two would certainly be useful and would save time - and First/Last. I would have thought the existing Previous/Next options (arrows or shortcut keys) are sufficient.

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And, when using replace-all, a pop-up/alert showing total number of replacements done would be helpful too.