Improved search in 1.4.0

The release notes mention the improved colour highlight - this is indeed much better. Previously I could hardly see the highlight (using Windows - it wasn’t a problem on a Mac).

However, what is not mentioned is a huge improvement in the search feature (the quick search option which appears when you press Ctrl+F). You can now move through the occurences of the search term using F3 (or shift F3 to go backwards). I often want to do this and up to know have been copy/pasting the code into a text editor for this - not any more.

… Trying this feature a little more, it is really impressive that pressing F3 repeatedly, Design, Code and App Structure views keep in sync. This is a great update.


Yes this is still on our TODO list :slight_smile: couldn’t make it for the today release.

? But it is included. It works really well!

We use the sublime keymap now instead of the codemirror default keymap. Previous the find next was hidden under the Ctrl-G key, which is not F3. Also the highlighting made it difficult to see what was highlighted. This is improved in this release. More improvements are planned for the search.

Aah I mean we are also working on a whole new UI :slight_smile: but the current works well indeed as we changed all the default keys to be more logical now :slight_smile:

Thanks Patrick and George - it certainly is greatly improved. I’m annoyed that I didn’t think of trying Ctrl+G - I often using Cmd+G on the Mac instead of F3.

When you say improvements are planned for the search, this is presumably for the main search (which appears when you click the search icon). That would be really good.

As has been mentioned before, it would be useful if there was an option to search the current file without typing in the name (and if there are files with the same name in different folders, it’s quite a problem). Most of the time, it’s the current file which is relevant, though it’s certainly very useful to be able to search multiple files.

Also, the search/replace seems to have bugs. Replacements seem to be made - eg the replaced terms can no longer be found - but in fact they’re not. Perhaps the replacements are made in a temporary file. It works sometimes, but it’s too unreliable to use, so I currently use an external text editor. It would be great if this is improved in Wappler.

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On my Mac none of these keys are working. F3 or Ctrl+G. So really looking forward to improved UI. Also to immediately. see the total number of occurrences would be a great addition!

Have you tried Cmd+G (not Ctrl)? It works on my Mac, as does Cmd+Shift+G for reverse order. F3 (with Fn key) works too. This is on an iMac with High Sierra.