Improve Wappler UI to Show Server Model Relevent Options

With Wappler switching to Electron in version 4 and lots of changing happenning under the hood, I have a request to add to the improvements.
There are various option in both client & server side UI which are not relevant to all server models.
Two such options I can think of:

  1. INTERNAL - For ANCHOR tags and BROWSER GOTO, there is an internal checkbox input which is required only in NodeJS & not in PHP & .NET
  2. Login & Forbidden URL in Security Restrict - This is again only applicable in case of server side NodeJS security configuration. So it should not be available for PHP & .NET. Additionally, the help text on these fields should say that it will work only if used as a server side SA.

I have seen few other such instances, but don’t remember right now. If the team could build a conditional logic in Wappler UI, users can report other such instances which can get fixed quickly.