Improve selecting columns, rows and containers in Design View

Currently it feels hard for me to select the column or row in Wappler.
Because it is troublesome to find ones in App Structure. And in most cases you can’t select them in the Design View at all. (I mean the cases when area of inner elements the same as area of parent element, so when you hover, the hover only “see” the inner element)

So I used to do it this way. I click for some button or paragraph inside the needed col/row in the Design view and then go to App Structure and find and select the corresponding col/row there.
I think it is awkward that you can’t do such a basic thing in one place.

But there is one good solution that is already becoming the industry standard. In Design View when you select the element and hover over the tag with its name, it should show all parent elements too, so you can select them. Here is example:

I think this is a good suggestion. However, there are a couple of existing alternatives. Select an element and then:

  1. use the up/down arrow keys to move to parent/child elements
  2. use the breadcrumbs below Design View

Indeed, these are the possible options too, thanks!
But these are not perfect either.

Up/down keys just move up through the element tree, so it does not always lead to the parent element.

And breadcrumbs panel lacking the free space (though can be solved with scrolling).