IMPORTANT: Social Media Login for Wappler and DW extensions

@George, its been almost 2 + years since Dmxzone promised to build a social media login extension. Going by the global norms of today’s web user, we are loosing 70% of signups because we are unable to have users signup socially. I think you guys should put everything else aside and bring this feature to Wappler and your Dmx extensions for DW. Imagine how in 2015, when you gave your update for extentions to expect for the year, I waited till the end of 2016 and I read every article update in the hopes of seeing this. I am tired of waiting thus necessitating this post. Do something about this @george and @dmxzoneteam. Bring us a deeper social integration to your extensions. If you cant now, then host a tutorial to give us the logic of integrating Social Media Login using publicly available libraries and integrate with dmxzone extensions. Love you guys. Cheers.

I guess thats right with loosing signups and SSO is indeed highly required!

Everybody who used wappler will be at the same point : User Login.

Maybe you could use this 3. party provider until wappler has its own SSO Auth extension.

Truth is that the Social Media Login is something promised along time ago BUT
1.We are all more or less in the field of development and know how time flies.
2.Maybe is time to put in a priority the Social media logins but all the things done until now were of high priority too. Especially the upcoming upgrade is something incredible.


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I am certainly more interested in the API integration over the SSO to be very honest, but that is just because SSO gives me one more ability while API integration, client and server side will open the doors to hundreds of new and awesome opportunities.


100% with you!
With this upgrade Wappler is opening the doors to many many oportuinites and maybe it was one of the most weak points it had.

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Would be great for me, i am developing for student based systems and feedback is they feel social media signup is easier and more secure.

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@josephnwudu This has already been done elsewhere, we will keep in a unique place

Yes I just saw it now on mobile. That happens when youre writing without seeing the whole thread :ok_man:t4: Okay VOTED

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Don’t worry, my bad habit is replying to months old closed posts as not noticing date but alsdigutal is correct there is already a feature request for this so two places to vote now!

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Thanks for the request Joseph.

We are well aware that Social Logins are really important. It tooks us a while as we had to make Wappler first :slight_smile:

But now that it is all well up and running we are adding more quickly new components.

As we are done now with the upcoming API Data connectivity, we will quickly move on to the oauth2 and social logins.

But don’t think - this is a golden key to everything … you still have to build your own user management and handle all those registrations to your database.

Well Wappler makes it easy of course with the database connector but still you need to do it.

The Social logins and oauth authorizations, will just let you skip the email validation step, not much more.


@george. Thanks for responding. I am happy you are looking into this. I am sure you will also develop a detailed video tutorial as is customary of you guys. Great job all around and thanks to every one that responded/responds to this thread with a vote.

OK. Noted. Thanks. I passed a vote there too.

Hi George,
is windows SSO supported and if so do you have some description / suggestions how to implement?

Peter Broekman

@george no beat on this yet. Any progress?

they are working on social login. Which providers exactly… I dont know. Maybe 0auth would be smth if u cant wait

Adding a vote for this…I don’t think this is solved? Has anyone found a workaround?

You can find tutorials on how to implement oauth flows for authentication. Here is one in this community Using OAuth2 Connector with Google @mebeingken used to provide a course on Google and Facebook oauth but I had trouble finding them. Following guides like these I was able to implement a login flow with Discord for my site. Works perfectly.

That was one hell of a necro :smiley: