Image Mapping Possible in Wappler?

I want to develop a shopping cart-like capability where the user can select an image for purchase from the catalog page and have an order form (modal) popup that is populated with the item’s info (image thumb, description, size, price, etc.), The user can then proceed with the order or opt out.

Can this be built using Wappler without having to purchase an e-cart extension (like Sliding PayPal Shopping Cart 2) since I will only have a few images and small group of customers?

If not, how would I incorporate the Sliding PayPal Shopping Cart 2 extension (or any other DMXzone extension) into Wappler so I can use it to build and manage the cart?

What do you mean by “Image Mapping” exactly?
What exactly should the process be, after the modal is populated with the selected product details - what should happen?

Also - you cannot install Dreamweaver Extensions in Wappler …

Draw an area on an image and link that area to a URL, similar to what was available in Dreamweaver:

Can a shopping cart be built using Wappler or is there an extension for Wappler that can offer this capability?

Image maps are really old-school :slight_smile:
Just use the anchor image element and bind a link to the <a> tag instead or add a button next to the image.

As for a shopping cart - please check the following topic:

But note that it requires a little more advanced knowledge in our server-side tools.