Image Links Broken

When I open up a new Project or import an existing site, when I add an image the image link shows as broken in Wappler. I’ve changed the project settings to relative to document and also relative to root but both still show the broken icon.

The only way to resolve this is to manually edit the path to the image…removing the windows 10 file structure and leaving path as : ./images/filename.jpg

Do you have wamp or xampp or something as a server on your computer? It sounds like you’re pulling images from outside of website folder.

With something like xampp installed, you would put site in c:\xampp\htdocs or wherever you install it. Then images would be inside the website folder.

I’ve noticed the windows path only when importing a photo from desktop or somewhere else outside of website location.

Hi Yah Drymetal,

Nope nothing fancy standard windows folders in Documents/Websites/ProjectName/images/filename

That’s it all images are in the project image folder

Have solved the problem to this. For those who are using Windows and are thinking of setting up their project folders in the Windows User My Documents folder don’t as this is what caused all image links to be broken. All I did was create a new folder in the root for example D:/Websites then placed all my project folders under it and as soon as I started adding images to any project page the images inserted as expected.

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Seems to me that Wappler had problems resolving the path, were there some special characters in the path to your documents folder. Also windows localization could be a problem sometimes.

No special characters Patrick, just folders created in the user/my documents/websites/project_name.
So could be the windows localisation and I’m not running WAMP, as all sites I’m working on are static.

I’m a total new guy - actually I’m so new the new guys call me that new guy - I have been having problems with broken links to graphic images I place into my IMG folder.

I drag the image into the folder and establish a link to it.

I get the symbol for a broken link - then if I publish and redo the link it works - this is repeatable so I either have a workflow problem or Wappler is not connecting the dots on new links before a publish action or the local server I’m running has an issue. I’m on a Mac running MAMP.

But like I said I’m new so maybe I’m just making a mistake(s)… Just trying to help!

you have to publish the site to the Mamp server if you want to see images on their place…

So that is why Wappler shows a broken link icon within wappler?

Seems like if you are not looking at the page in a browser and still inside the development environment the link sould not be broken since wappler knows about the graphic. But like I said, this is all new to me and I have a workaround so no issues - just trying to help the others that are having problems with broken link showing up in wappler…

I m not in front of computer… but try to publish to your Mamp folder… if it works … you find the reason.

Wappler show you a live version of the website. How query or db interactions works if not managed by a server ?

Or try changing your target to 'Local'.

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Not sure whether to start a new post, but I guess related issue. I want to use (am using) relative paths (to roothfolder) for images, so like /images/logo.png. This works fine in testing in local webserver via whatever browser localhost/site/images/logo and on a webserver as well but NOT inside wappler designer itself. Then it appears broken. I want to use relative paths as I want to include e.g. a headerinclude.php containing the header and showing up in whatever page of my project. Would however be great to see it in the designer itself as well as working. Any ideas on this?

Get this error inside:



on localhost testing works like a charm:

Hi @peterbroekman it seems the path is wrong in Wappler design view. @patrick will check this.

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I identified the problem, will try to have a fix with the next update.

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I imagine this is the same problem as I have with a slideshow which has a folder list as a data source.

Everything appears as it should in code view, and when viewing the page locally or remotely. However there is an error message (net:ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND) for each image in the slideshow and also for several images in another folder containing favicon images. The slideshow images are not displayed within Wappler - there’s just a blank space where the slideshow should be.

fyi I guess clear yet, but this actually a more general problem, relative root links (also in include header files or css links or whatever link) do not seem to reflect right in the wappler designer (although working in browser).

/root/images or whatever link

The problem I identified here is with absolute urls. So when you select Links Relative To Site Root in the project options. Links starting with a /.