If I use a setValue step with a restricted schema (say 3 fields) from an API - is this all that should output?

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to create two different, reduced schemas from an API output in SC.

E.g. API has 15 data points.
SetValue1 schema has 5 of these.
SetValue2 schema has 2 of these.

When setting up the SetValue I’ve chosen the API data source, selected ‘object’ and then define schema. I then write the schema exactly as per the fields I want to output from the API data source.

I set these to output.

I run the SC, and view the data in the console - all data from the API is shown in both, not the restricted schema.

When I use data pickers after the setValues they correctly only allow me to choose the schema I have set manually.

Is this the expected way for this to work? And if so, what is the best way to output a restricted schema from an API? I can’t use the new data transformations as the API output is not an array.