If George was Santa Claus what would be on your list

Just imagine for a moment that George was Santa and you could ask for five features or fixes for Xmas. What would they be?
So here is my list.

New (All quite connected tech-wise I guess)
Server Connect based API
Social media login
Swipe integration
Additional map markers not overwritten by dynamic markers
Swiper dynamic data bugfix


Next update will not be downloadable… George will come to the house of each of us to bring update of Wappler on USB key dressed like Santa Claus! :slight_smile:


All I want for Christmas is

  1. Server Connect API
  2. SEO dynamic page friendly URL’s
  3. George’s home telephone number
  4. Teodor’s home telephone number
  5. Patrick’s home telephone number
  1. multi-dimensional arrays that can be used in State Management tools.
  2. shopping cart
  3. Square connection
  4. email that allows the content of a shopping cart purchase
  5. a pop-up that automatically appears for a couple of weeks prior to the New Year.
  6. same as 5. but for after the New Year.

Oops, exceeded my number of wishes. I hope I can cram my last wish into the fold:

A merry Chrsitmas and a happy New Year to all :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

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Dear Santa,
I have been a very good boy and for Christmas I would like…

  1. Add DMXzone DropZone Add-on into Wappler

  2. Client-side image resizing before upload

  3. More ‘Help’ tooltips within Wappler itself with an indicator :speech_balloon: to click on or hover.


  1. A symbol within Wappler :three: to show that there is a selection (drop-down list) to choose from, and how many in the list.


  1. And finally I would like everyone to have a very happy and safe Christmas.

Best regards to you all

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Practicing the same

  1. API de conexão do servidor
  2. URLs amigáveis ​​de páginas dinâmicas de SEO ( routes )
  3. George Much health
  4. Teodor Much health
  5. Patrick Much health

After that Update I thought George is Santa :smirk_cat:… especially with these, I guess very complex join query builder improvements and DB Update Schema Button :arrows_counterclockwise:

  1. Health to @George and Dev Team as Forum Members
  2. Server Side API
  3. Multilanguage Extension
  4. Template Engine Content/Mail (Twig)
  5. Beautiful Upload Forms :laughing::ok_hand:t5:
  6. Affiliate
  1. Option to define any SQL query (manually, bypassing Query Builder) and pass Wappler variables to it
  2. SEO dynamic page friendly URL’s
  3. Stripe integration
  4. More general UI options (eg preference to open files in split view by default, more keyboard shortcuts - eg to open in default browser)
  5. Improved editor (eg highlighting, search features)

Happy Christmas everybody - and special thanks to the Wappler team for creating the most inspiring and exciting software I’ve used for years.