I think I broke my SQLite

I was following along with this tutorial:

When I went to view the page in browser I got this error:

Didn’t know how to get rid of this error so I clicked on ‘Move. to Trash’. I don’t get the error anymore but my data does not show on my test page either.

How can I recover that file and get rid of the error? (I still have the file in my trash bin)


This is happening on the latest Mac OsX
Mac checks out all the libraries used in a package and if the developer didn’t get their code approved by the Masters of Mac Store it get’s rejected when it has to pass through your machine.

Previously you could ask Mac to look the other way as long as it played okay in your apps… Now, Mac has cracked down on waiving such permissions.

So where does this file (node_sqlite3.node) belong so I can put it back? Do I have to re-install Wappler?

It’s just a file created where you chose to save it using the database manager.

I didn’t save that file anywhere. It’s not my database file its a Wappler file.


Ah sorry, didn’t read properly. It’s just a node module. You can just ignore/enable this in the security settings of macos.

But I have to put that file back in the original position first. Where does it go?

Just delete the node_modules folder in your NodeJS project in Wappler - and then choose to install Node Packages again from the bottom toolbar.

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I just started the test site from scratch and allowed the file in the security settings and it works now. My question now would be how would that work on production?

Or is SQLite just for development?

Sorry for the noob questions. This just seems like a great way to play around with Node locally.

That is just for your local dev, I doubt that you are using Mac for your live server.

And as I aid before there you can choose any database you want.

SQLite is just the easier and lightweight for the local dev

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lol, good point.

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