HTML 5 Video player

May be I just don’t see it, but I can not find a way to insert html 5 video in Wappler.

When will the DMXzone HTML 5 videoplayer be implementet?

There must be some elements already in wappler, if i manually add the html 5 code for a video player it works and i see a Video Inspector panel does show for the various controls but I agree a specific HTML5 player would be nice.

Been playing about with HTML 5 video.
While there is not a direct wappler route it’s really easy to do as the video inspector is actually present in Wappler, it’s just the insert that is missing.
Drop into code view where you want to add your video and insert the text

<video controls="true"></video>

Once inserted you will see a Video Inspector panel appear

You can then add whichever properties you want. If your video name is in a database table field just use Dynamic Attributes to link via your server connection.
It’s really simple.


Thanks, This helps a lot :smiley:

Guess the insert will be there soon