.htaccess won't publish to Local Server Target

Why won’t my .htaccess file publish to MAMP PRO server?

I can manually copy the file and put it there manually through Finder and my site works. But I have to do that everytime the .htaccess file changes.

There is an Upload .htaccess button in the routing panel, which you can use to upload the .htaccess

Hmmm, that almost works. Panel says copied successfully but the file does not get copied.

How is your site up Brad?
Are you working locally in the MAMP www folder?

I have a folder with my working files. I have MAMP PRO as well as a remote target set up as targets. Everything seems to work alright accept the .htaccess file won’t publish to the MAMP server. Works fine to the remote server.

I will check this.
BTW is there a reason why you work in a separate folder, and not directly in the MAMP www folder?

Yes, because I have my working files folder backing up to OneDrive. You can’t select the MAMP folders to back up to OneDrive.

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Ok then, maybe there’s an issue with copying the htaccess to local targets but I will check this tomorrow morning.

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Cool, thanks. I can just copy the file for now.

Are you using the latest Wappler version, with the experimental features turned on? So that the errors like this can be automatically reported to us?

Yep, always. I love Thursdays :wink:

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This has been fixed in Wappler 2.4.4

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Yes, it works now. Thank you!

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