How you handle LOCAL vs LIVE Server?

Not sure but I have different conn settings on Live server. So how you handle Uploads then? I mean if you save everything, then Server Connection DB Settings will be overwritten?

When you switch the target you need to edit the connection step.
We will be improving this in the future updates, where you will be able to define different connection settings for different targets.


Uff thats what I thought now… Means I need to go trough all files and then change DB? :-:hushed: Ok thats why i did via FTP on the server CHMOD my DB Settings, so it can’t be overwritten. Some other files needed to prevent from beeing overwritten?

CHMOD 644 dmxConnect/modules/Connections


No, if you use the same connection in all your files, all you need is to edit it in one action file and save it. It will save the connection file that is reused everywhere.

I use exactly the same settings for local and remote servers. I never need to change connection data. I’m not sure if this is always possible, but it makes things much simpler.

I agree with you @TomD, at first my local and remote login details were all different and caused too much confusion.

Because I have control over my local development environment I changed all the local login details to match the remote ones. Now I just make sure I am developing with the LOCAL Target selected at the bottom of the Wappler screen. When I am ready to upload (Publish) to the live server I switch the Target to the LIVE site, upload the files I need to upload, and then switch back to the LOCAL Target. It works well.

The only issue I had at first was that I kept leaving the Target set to LIVE and would make experimental changes to the live site and then get a call from a confused client!

i do as @Teodor said
manually change the connection file only. but sadly i have to do this every time i make a change to the database since wappler will re upload the connection file to all the targets.

It’s not clear (at least to me), why it’s necessary to have different settings. I can certainly appreciate it would be quite a nuisance to have to remember to change the settings - and rather error-prone.

Out of curiosity, how does this work with a gitlabs install, where local development is then committed to a private ‘GitHub’ install and on productions servers an update is issued to pull changes to put live? A git ignore is required for dmxConnect/modules/Connections?

We don’t have a Git integration yet - but will be coming up soon as more and more hosting companies offer git publishing instead of FTP. Git is also so much better.

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