How to use server-side redirect?

OS info

  • Operating System : Windows 10.0.17134
  • Wappler Version : 1.7.3

With the new version of wappler I have set a redirect to just to test the redirect function. But nothing happens. Or is this something different then a browser redirect?

The redirect in server action is mostly used with different APIs and oauth2 connector, where redirects need to be executed. We will be adding docs about oauth2 in the next few days, so you will see when is it used.
EDIT: but anyway, it should redirect you if it’s used in the server action and if it executes without errors.
Check if your server action returns any errors: Debugging Problems

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I did a quick test to redirect to different pages depending on the result of a query - and it seemed to work as expected. I would have thought this could be useful for various situations.

Yes Tom, it can be used like that as well.

Okay so no errors when debugging (debug mode was on) but still no redirect. But I did see show up in the network when inspecting element.


Is the page supposed to redirect to in this case?

Nevil for normal browser redirects use the browser control and its go to action.

Server side redirects are something completely different and used only as Teodor said specific for oauth2 server side authorization actions.